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  • Pam McCormick

Accidental Missionary

Accidental Missionary is one woman’s journey from reluctance to “all in” as she participates in the transformation of a poverty-stricken village. Alongside a H.E.L.P. International team, Pam’s experienced a decade of joy—seeing illiteracy turned to knowledge, women empowered, children educated, sick attended, businesses and employment created. What began as a humanitarian effort for 45 Ugandan students (in a shed, with a single teacher) transformed a suffering community into a vibrant hub of education, commerce and sufficiency.

This is Pam’s account of God’s faithfulness to her new friends and to herself as she endeavors to bless those less fortunate. In this legacy of love (part memoir, part inspiration) she fights for her marriage, rides the rapids of the Nile, weeps for the sick and dying, and falls in love with the exotic beauty of Africa and its people. Government collaborations, brushes with royalty, witch doctors, miracles, prophesies, baptisms, and a Japanese earthquake are all part of Pam’s story—and reveal how an ordinary person can experience significance, and be blessed, through colorful, exciting, heart-wrenching adventures.

"Reading this story is like seeing a miracle happen right before my eyes."

Accidental Missionary is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

All profits will benefit H.E.L.P. International's Ugandan endeavors.

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