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  • Pam McCormick

Uganda's Education Minister hails H.E.L.P. International

Mrs. Janet Museveni, First Lady and Minister of Education of Uganda.

Bruce McCormick, Jean Kaye, Don Wilson and team members were honored with an audience with Mrs. Janet Museveni, she is the wife of the President of Uganda. H.E.L.P. was very well received and made the news in Uganda in both the National News paper and the TV stations. "The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Janet Museveni, has hailed the work being done by His Everlasting Love Prevails (H.E.L.P. International), a nonprofit organization, to empower the communities of Masese in Jinja District. H.E.L.P. International, a faith based organization based in Colorado US, established a branch in Masese/Danida II village in Walukuba, Jinja district in 2006 and has since been working with the communities to make their lives better......The First Lady thanked the team for coming to Uganda to help the needy and contribute to improving people's welfare. "God is forever looking for people to send and when He gets them, you truly see amazing and inspiring stories," she said, adding that if everyone was willing to extend a hand of help to a person in need then the face of the earth would change. H.E.L.P. projects in Jinja have been very supportative through teaching the children and youth and addressing unemployment as well as preaching the Gospel. Jean Kaye Wilson said the organization reaches out to all people regardless of their religious beliefs. She said they are engaged in various community development projects, the biggest of which is the HELP Primary School in Masese with enrollment of 460 students from nursery to Primary 7 who access free education. H.E.L.P. International also sponsors 55 children in secondary and vocational institutes. Jean Kaye revealed that the organization also works with women groups who use paper beads to produce items which are sold in the US to improve their income. About 300,000 Schillings has been paid out to the women for their items. Other projects include: a tailoring school that trains mostly single mothers, teaching motor vehicle mechanics and a driving school for the youth. Additionally, H.E.L.P. has an ICT Center that equips community members with computer skills. The organization supports a nursery school feeding program on Kisima island in Lake Victoria, clean water projects in Musima and Wayange villages and albinos and the disabled in Jinja and neighboring areas. The ICT training is for whoever is interested in Jinja District and H.E.L.P. wishes to partner with the Government to promote computer-aided learning to help children improve their learning. The Permanent Secretary Alex Kakoosa pledged more engagement with the organization. He also pointed out the need for the coordination of all stakeholders introducing ICT packages in the education Sector." Aren't you proud to be a part of this endeavor? I sure am. God is doing amazing things through all who are involved with H.E.L.P. International.

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